A Rising Movement, Hopeful as One: The Black Economic Collective (BEC)

Out and About Magazine lauds the efforts and draws inspiration from the founders of a truly remarkable initiative that highlights economic change within the Black communities of the EMEAA region. Meet Diana Powell, Marcia Mcleod and Leanne Brackett, power-trio founders of The Black Economic Collective.

“We believe real wealth comes from building an economic family and community, mixed in with a real sense of moral cohesion topped off with a dash of empathetic care. If an active effort is made by each and every person to create the positive change we want in life, to be supported by people of the same vision and heart, the byproduct of this will surely be both spiritual and material wealth”.

Founders Diana, Marcia and Leanne

An African Diaspora Economic Movement

Black Economic Collective EMEAA (BEC) is a solution-based business networking initiative based in Dubai, UAE, founded by the desire to see equitable economic change within communities. BEC was launched in June 2020, as a direct response to the global protest, highlighting the realities of the systematic racism and disparity experienced by Black communities on a worldwide scale.

Founders Diana Powell, Marcia Mcleod and Leanne Brackett, coming from the African Diaspora, noted that many aspects of the Black Lives Matter movement resonate with them through their own experiences and the experiences of others. They wanted to see and spark change—to do somethingbeing the women that they are. When asked if we want to see and experience real change within Black communities, these courageous women replied with a striking quote from Dr Claud Anderson: “We needed to have a new way of seeing, thinking and behaving.”