2021 Guest Speaker

Omar Tom

Founder and Managing Partner, Dukkan Media


Omar Tom, commonly known as OT is an entrepreneur, strategic planner, educator and public speaker. OT is the Cofounder and Managing Director at Dukkan Media, a marketing and cultural consultancy  known in the industry as the leader in contemporary Middle Eastern culture. Through which, OT has made a name for himself in the industry as a cultural expert and catalyst, connecting businesses and communities together.

Moving at the speed of digital cultural change, and nurturing deep roots, OT has developed award winning and impactful work for a diverse range of brands across the Middle East and San Francisco working with clients such as Nike, Dubai Sports Council, Google, YouTube, McDonalds, Red Bull, Converse, GMC, Kiva.org, and Arabian Radio Network to name a few. He currently guest lectures at the American University in Dubai (A.U.D.) on Strategic Planning and Opportunities In New Media. 

His expertise extend to building unique, purposeful brands, as well as developing original content programs such as Dukkan Show (Dukkan Media’s pilot podcast), The Forever Student, and Switch/Flicks. He is the driving force behind creating deep and culturally rooted creative business solutions. 

OT is a celebrated graduate of both Miami Ad School and AUD.

Follow OT on Instagram @otofficial