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About us

Our Beginning

Out and About Magazine is a digital audiovisual publication that celebrates people, their passions and the places they explore. We are currently based in Abu Dhabi, UAE; however, our message of fashion, beauty, business, cultural diversity, and acceptance is one that resonates around the world. 

Why We Are Different

There are not many magazines, if any, that are not plastered with celebrities, socialites, and or reality TV stars. Instead of trying to reinvent the proverbial wheel, Out and About Mag is designed to highlight and celebrate the ‘everyday individual’ – “real people living extraordinary lives”. We are proudly the only publication of its type in the region, and possibly globally.

We Inspire the Future

With our dedication to real-life lives, we want to use our platform to inspire others to do things that they always wanted to do but were too afraid to try. We have recurring features for this: Fashion and Beauty, Lifestyle, Behind the Brand, Talent Pool, Taking Lessons and For the Culture.